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Building on our success in AZAD. TAMEER is introducing to the market an extension from this success story
“AZAD Views”.
AZAD Views is revolving around maximizing views from your own home. The view could be on a beautiful
landscape, water feature or a unique architecture design.
We have designed AZAD VIEWS with the concept of high quality lifestyle along the concept of the coziness
in a neighborhood. AZAD VIEWS is a car free destination, where a person can walk through the promenade
developed connecting AZAD 1 and AZAD VIEWS.

A new address with established appeal:
AZAD VIEWS offers both comfort and connectivity. Newcomers are welcomed into the already-thriving Azad community and will
be integrated into Azad’s physical spaces and community activities. The two neighborhoods will be connected with a car free pedestrian promenade that can also serve as a common green area for picnics, barbecues, and residential gatherings, and down the line, for markets and bazaars. The promenade will be versatile and encourage community use, serving as a possible venue for sports activities, winter carnivals, outdoor yoga and dance studios, and anything else our community members can dream up. AZAD Views residents will also have access to a promising mixed used project located across the street .









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Service apartments

AZAD Views that is bustling with life. AZAD Views’ residents will have full access to all AZAD I through the Promenade, a beautifully designed avenue that connects the two compounds. The global design of AZAD is created to facilitate convenience for all of its residents by giving them access to all of the amenities and facilities of AZAD I, including the business lounge and the community center. The Promenade itself, while both functional as a pathway and aesthetically pleasing with plentiful greenery, will also serve as a social and commercial hub, with spaces especially designed to host walking markets, sports activities, outdoor yoga, dance studios, and picnics. AZAD Views’ residents will also have access to our expansive Mixed Use project, a comprehensive extension that will host commercial areas, office buildings, health and hospitality locations and more!


Duplexes with garden: 209, 235
Duplexes typical : 244


3 bedrooms: 138 ground,139 ground ,145 ground,155 typical

3 bedrooms + living:

181 ground, 184 ground, 194 typical, 196 typical

4 bedrooms: 213 ground, 230 typical


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